Shaped by An Angel

Shaped By An Angel™ is an innovative line of shapers specifically tailored to five different body shapes to achieve a customized fit with targeted results. Women now have the opportunity to enhance their natural form while minimizing trouble spots. Special reinforced panels have been engineered to lift, flatten, and tone the body. Shaped By An Angel™ is made from fabric that smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Women can be transformed by wearing Shaped By An Angel™. Angela Dean has combined her genius for body shapes with shapewear by tailoring styles to specific body types. Shaped By An Angel™ garments are made out of fabric that provides comfortable medical grade compression, resulting in both instant and long-term benefits. It has been proven that Shaped By An Angel™ garments will reduce a woman’s figure by one dress size on average. The tailored styles of Shaped By An Angel™ are designed to revolutionize the shapewear industry.